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Is your office ready to have it all? TSM offers convenient, comprehensive packages that innovate lunch for cutting edge companies. Working with your office’s existing floor plan, you’ll have convenient, condensed lunch areas set up in no time.

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Getting Started

The process is simple and we walk you through every step of the way.


All programs are 100% run by our lunch specialists, keeping you operating at maximum capacity.
Each day our team arrives, cleans and sets up Fresh Bars then fills them with dozens of ready to eat products.


– Partially Subsidized –

Affordable for you and your staff.  
Lunchtime hours, typically 11:00 – 1:30 pm.
Competitive, subsidized rates.
Charged on a per-item basis.
On-site payment processing.
Available to medium-large offices.


– Fully Subsidized –

Access your Fresh Bars all day, every day.
Unlimited meals and Fresh Bar snacking.
Special premium menu items available daily.
No payment is taken onsite from staff.
Per person, per day, monthly invoicing.
Available to small, medium & large offices.


– Individual Paid –

In-house marketplace lunch program.
Little to no monthly budget allotment.
Lunchtime hours, typically 11:00 – 1:30 pm.
Charged directly to staff on a per-item basis.
Square payment processing.
Available to large offices.


We’re concerned about space. Can we fit the Fresh Bars at our location?2020-06-29T15:39:26+00:00

You don’t need a lot of space to set up. In general, a 7x 5’ floor space is large enough to accommodate the Fresh Bars. Aside from that, we require a small amount of counter space, or space to set up a small tabletop – that’s it!

We have a smaller office. Can any of your programs work for us?2020-06-29T15:39:26+00:00

TSM is currently available to offices of 50 staff or more. If you are close to that number, give us a call and we can discuss alternative options!

How much does cost?2020-06-29T15:39:26+00:00

You can look forward to the price tag of lunch, per person, to be approximately 45-65% of the typical cost lunch purchased at a cafe.

We would love to bring in a food program but have limited budget. Can TSM work for us?2020-06-29T15:39:26+00:00

Absolutely, we offer programs for offices with everything from large budgets, to zero budget! Contact our team to discuss the right program for your office!

Are we locked into a contract with TSM?2020-06-29T15:39:26+00:00

There is a three-month trial contract. After that, you are on a month to month contract and can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

Can you accommodate diets such as Keto, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan?2020-06-29T15:39:26+00:00

TSM excels at accommodating specialty diets of all kinds and we pride ourselves on customizing Fresh Bars to include items that make your team’s mouths water and dietary goals achievable.

Do you offer other catering?2020-06-29T15:39:26+00:00

We sure do! We specialize in any lunchtime catering. We offer fun, interactive DIY Feasts and event catering for parties, and large office functions.

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