Each smoothie supply pack makes 2 servings (600mls)! Chock-full of nutrient-dense ingredients- all you have to do is add your favourite mylk or juice (we recommend 1.5cups), blend and you’ve got breakfast in a jiff. Let us know your flavour choices in the box below.

Moira Rose Red: Frozen berries, strawberry yogurt, pomegranate, beets.
Jazzy Gals Orange: Chia spice, coconut cream, avocado, yam, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, blackstrap molasses
Cafe Tropical Yellow: Pineapple, coconut cream, banana, lemon, hemp hearts
Elmdale Green: Avocado, spinach, kiwi, orange, chia seeds
A Little Bit Alexis Blue: Blueberries, blackberries, coconut cream, OJ, banana, hemp seeds, chia seeds