Self-serve salad, snack and sandwich bars available to your team all day, every day. We offer 3 lunch perk programs for every corporate budget, all providing delicious, diverse and easy DIY lunches.

Attract and Keep Talent

Keeping your team nourished reflects your value in each individual, as well as your investment in your company.

Healthy and Happy Staff

You want yours to be a well-oiled machine. Healthy lunches and snacks mean less sick days, lower healthcare costs, and better quality output from your people.

The 3pm Wall of Doom

You know the feeling, it’s mid-afternoon and all you want in life is a chocolate bar or a nap. Eating well throughout the day means your team will be happily scaling walls, rather than plowing into them.

Higher Productivity

Get your staff eating healthy food, with less sick days, lower healthcare costs, and better quality output from your people. Your CFO will be thrilled at the increase TSM offers your company’s bottom line. 

Build Your Dream Team

Eating together helps to create positive relationships between team members. Just like hanging out at the water cooler used to be, chatting over making and eating lunch allows staff to get to know one another.

An Envious Workspace

You’re hosting a seminar for industry leaders, or you have managing directors in from out of town. What better way to put the finishing touches on your wow factor than showing off this cutting edge staff perk? Just be ready for a little jealousy coming your way!


Healthy Lunch Delivery
  • Community-Based Donations

    The Powell St Getaway provides a plethora of resources to the Downtown Eastside, as well as regular snacks and meals. We drop by all week long with deliveries of unused, good quality vegetables, bread, meats & cheeses.

  • No Single-Use Plastics, Low Impact Packaging

    Lunchtime ranks high on the most overuse of takeout and single-use containers. With TSM, everyone can feel great about saying no to styrofoam and to go containers, not to mention skipping getting in the car to grab lunch.

  • Plant-Based Diets

    Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? We feature an incredible array of plant-based options so good even the most die-hard carnivores want in. We’re crazy passionate about veggies (not to mention legumes, nuts & grains)!

  • Zero-Waste

    A no-nonsense approach to zero waste means we not only donate all quality unused food products, but it also means we compost and recycle with reckless abandon. We’re really big on the conservation of resources, too. 

  • Seasonal Menus & Local Partners

    It’s pretty simple: food ripened on the back of a truck doesn’t taste as good, and its environmental impact is comparatively gigantic. You’ll see our menus featuring what’s local and in-season as much as possible.

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